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Tso Lan
Moon Demon Tso Lan
Personal Info
Full Name Tso Lan
Race Demon
Age 900+
Gender Male
Sign ☵ (moon), He Xiangu (lotus, banisher)
General Info
Base of Operations Demon Realm, Between the Earth and the Moon (portal location)
Occupation Demon Sorcerer
First Appearance
Cartoon Season 1, episode , The Stronger Evil
Voice Actors
English Glenn Shadix

Tso Lan (Sonlon) was the Demon Sorcerer of Moon who hailed from a family consisting of himself as well as seven siblings and later on his nephew Drago. He is voiced by the late Gleen Shadix.


Tso Lan is the oldest of his brothers and sisters and is the Demon Sorcerer of Moon. He was banished by the Immortal He Xiangu. Tso Lan's portal is located halfway between the Earth and the Moon. Using a space station in that orbit, the Dark Hand was able to open Tso Lan's portal. He then set about covering the moon with his dark magic. He planned to pull it out of its orbit, wrecking Earth's landscapes and adapting them to his liking. He was defeated, and banished with a lotus pod. In the Demon World saga, Tso Lan was one of the final four Demons left unbanished to challenge the J-Team. He fought El Toro who was using the Rooster Talisman, and managed to defeat him. However, he was banished with the rest by Uncle. His demon Chi was located in a lotus pod in a zoo habitat, and briefly absorbed by a Panda bear. Drago got hold of it after Uncle attempted to draw it out, and engaged an Earth Chi carrying Jackie, who held off Drago long enough for Uncle to remove the Moon Chi from Drago. It was drained from Drago, but was reabsorbed during the final confrontation with him.


When compared to his siblings, Tso Lan has a very calm personality. He seems to be highly intelligent. Like them, he appears to proud to a certain degree, and can be cruel.

Powers and abilities

Like his siblings, Tso Lan is a very powerful sorcerer, and being a Moon Demon, he has the ability to alter gravity. He is powerful enough to cover the moon with his magic and pull it out of orbit. While fighting Jackie and El Toro, Tso lan is shown shooting powerful bolts made up of dark energy. He is usually seen levitating, which could be another example of his gravity powers. At one point, he tosses Po Kong like a feather, which is either him simply performing another gravity trick, or a sign that he is physically strong. Given his appearance, it seem the former is more likely. It is highly likely that Tso Lan is telepathic, as his long tongue is always out of his mouth and his mouth never seems to move, but he speaks very clearly. He has also been seen teleporting.


  • In all of his appearances Tso Lan was seen walking only one time - in second part of "Demon World" episode when he, Dai Gui and Bai Tza met with Shendu in chamber with Book of Ages.
  • Tso Lan is the oldest of his siblings.
  • He was voiced by late Glenn Shadix.
  • He appears to be an insectoid, with his four arms and those pincers at the mouth.


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