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Trading Cards pack.

The Jackie Chan Adventures Trading Cards were a collector's card game base off of the television show. They were launched in September 2003, as part of the Jackie Chan Adventures (comic). There were originally 242 cards in the collection, but an extra 111 cards were created when the magazine was extended from 60 to 80 issues, leaving a total of 353 cards in the collection.

The Jackie Chan Cards was once a popular game to play. You could get the cards from the Comic's or in shops or on eBay.

Each card has five ratings: Strength, Wisdom, Skill, Luck and Chi.


Regular Cards

J-team ikon
Daolon-wong ikon
Demon-vortex ikon


There are 25 cool cards featuring Jackie Chan in action!
Later expanded to 45 cards.

The Chan Clan

Look out world, Jade has 20 cards and Uncle 15!
Later expanded to 55 cards.

The J-Team

Viper, Tohru, Captain Black and other allies of Jackie's have 40 cards between them!
Later expanded to 54 cards.

Daolon Wong

Yikes, the dark chi master has 25 cards to collect!
Later expanded to 45 cards.

Demon Vortex

The demons and Shendu's Shadowkhan have 35 cards!
Later expanded to 55 cards.

The Dark Hand

40 cards feature Valmont and his lackies!
Later expanded to 54 cards.

Special Cards



12 silver and super-cool cards featuring Jackie, the J-Team and Valmont!


Collect the 12 shining talismans and witness their amazing power!


Locate the decoder card and use it to read the 7 secret messages cards!
Later expanded to 10 cards.


Be warned - these 8 cards glow in the dark and could scare lesser mortals!


So rare, even magic can't find them. 2 cards feature Jackie and Shendu in animated action!

Extra Cards

Castle of Doom

These 25 cards are something special. They add a whole new dimension to the games. Just obey the rules on each card.

Christmas Boost

There are 25 new cards to futher boost your collection - including new Jackie and Daolon Wong cards!

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