Through the Rabbit Hole
Season 2 Episode 1
Episode 14
General Information
Setting San Francisco, USA (2001, 1976, 1900s)
Aired on September 8, 2001
Production Number 07
Written by David Slack
Directed by Michael Chang
Produced by Michael Goguen
Episode Guide
Previous Episode
Day of the Dragon
Next Episode
The Warrior Incarnate
Through the Rabbit Hole is the fourteenth episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


In a mix of science and magic, the Rabbit Talisman sends Jade back in time to 1976, where she encounters younger versions of Jackie, Uncle and even Valmont. However when Shendu sends the Enforcers back to recover the Talisman (Which Jackie follows), they decide to try to change history by getting rid of the younger Jackie Chan.





Voice Talent


  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday, September 8, 2001
  • UK: BBC Two (CBBC) - Sunday, January 26, 2003

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