The Tiger and the Pussycat
Season 1 Episode 12
Episode 12
General Information
Setting San Francisco, USA
Aired on March 10, 2001
Production Number 15
Written by David Slack
Directed by Bryan Andrews
Produced by Solon So
Episode Guide
Previous Episode
The Dog and Piggy Show
Next Episode
Day of the Dragon
The Tiger and the Pussycat is the twelfth episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


Jackie gets the Tiger Talisman and its power splits Jackie into his light and dark sides. The Dark Jackie gives the talismans to Valmont, who then revives Shendu.





Voice Talent


  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday, March 10, 2001
  • UK: BBC One (CBBC) - Saturday, December 8, 2001

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