The Return of the Pussycat
Season 2 Episode 20
Episode 33
General Information
Setting San Francisco, USA
Aired on December 1, 2001
Production Number 33
Written by Mark Seidenburg
Directed by Chuck Drost
Produced by Solon So
Episode Guide
Previous Episode
Tale of the Demon Tail
Next Episode
Scouts Honor
The Return of the Pussycat is the thirty-third episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


Jackie and Uncle are supposed to explore an underground city the same night as Jade's theatrical debut. Jade's upset that no one will be there to see her perform, and comes up with a solution. An ancient evil is freed from the underground city seeking revenge on the descendants of the one who imprisoned it.





Voice Talent


  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday December 1, 2001
  • UK: BBC One (CBBC) - Saturday July 20, 2002


  • This is the only episode in which Yang Jackie willingly reunited with Yin Jackie.

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