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Jackie Chan Adventures
Season 4, Episode 3
Mascara Oni 3
Enemy Tarakudo, Hak Foo, Bat Shadowkhan demons
Setting San Francisco, USA
Air date 27th September 2003
Written by Adam Beechen
Directed by David Hartman
Produced by Frank Squillace
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Tarakudo informs Hak Foo while he's training that he's located the next mask, and intends for Hak Foo to wear it.

Meanwhile Jackie has been taking Scruffy to obedience school to try and prevent him from annoying the neighbors. When Jade tries to prove that Scruffy doesn't need obedience school he ends up tying Jackie to two light poles.

When Jackie and Jade get home, they discover Uncle and Tohru are trying to make the cards reveal the next mask Scruffy playfully jumps off and on the counter where they are working, causing three of the cards to land in combination to reveal the next mask, that it's in the San Francisco natural history museum and that the removal spell ingredient is Japanese rice and immediately tells Tohru to begin making one as a backup plan.

Suddenly Farmer McDonald, Mordecai, and Eggbert walk through the front door. McDonald reveals that he is in town for a tractor convention, and decided to visit the Chan house. Jackie has Jade take McDonald and his animals to Section 13 so they don't annoy Uncle, while he retreives the mask. At the museum Jackie successfully finds the mask in the dinosaur exhibit, at the same time Jade shows up with Scruffy.

Hak Foo shows up with Tarakudo and fights Jackie for the mask, when Scruffy attempts to get the mask away from Hak Foo he bites down on it, and it bonds with the dog transforming him into a monstrous Oni Demon dog. Hak Foo's doomed attempt to rip the mask from Scruffy is stopped when Tarakudo reminds him that it can only be done by a good chi spell. To make matters worse Scruffy immediately blends together his demon and dog instincts and goes on a rampage.

Jackie sets out to grab the mad dog before Tarakudo is able to recruit him as a demon general and sends Jade back to Section 13, Jackie's attempt to protect Jade backfires when she suddenly gets the ideal to use the Talismans to assemble a super powered strike force dubbed the T-Troop, giving Mordecai the pig talisman, Eggbert the rooster talisman, reanimating her super moose doll with the Rat talisman, and giving herself super strength with the Ox Talisman grossly inflating her muscles in the process.

Meanwhile, Tarakudo has successfully recruited Scruffy, renamed him Spike, and teaching him how to summon gargoyle like Shadow Khan. Jackie is hopelessly outmatched by Scruffy's alter ego and his henchmen suddenly the T-Troop arrives and fights the shadow Khan for a short amount of time, however Spike's endless supply of minions quickly overwhelms them.

Tarakudo, Spike and the Shadow Khan head to their makeshift base, Tarakudo reveals that the transformation is nearly complete and soon not even the potion will restore the dog to his former form, and as a obedience test Tarakudo plans to make Spike eat Jade. Suddenly the T-Troop and Jackie arrives on scene with Eggbert getting into a telekinetic fight with Tarakudo the freed Jade and Super moose driving out the and while Jackie attempts to use the potion to remove the mask, the Troop chases the Shadowkhan out.

Jackie and Jade are just able to remove the mask just when they are about to be torn apart by the Shadowkhan restoring Spike to Scruffy and destroying the Shadow Khan. Tarakudo, defeated, leaves, Meanwhile Farmer McDonald has turned Section 13 upside down looking for his animals.


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  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday 27th September 2003.



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