Sheep In, Sheep Out
Season 3 Episode 8
Episode 60
General Information
Setting Highlands, Scotland, UK
Aired on November 9, 2002
Production Number 60
Written by Louis Hirshorn
Joelle Sellner
Directed by Michael Chang
Produced by Frank Squillace
Episode Guide
Previous Episode
Rabbit Run
Next Episode
The Invisible Mom
Sheep In, Sheep Out is the sixtieth episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


The Chan Clan locates the sheep with the power of astral projection.




Voice Talent


  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday, November 9, 2002


  • When Daolon Wong summons the Dark Chi enforcers to help him reverse the finishing spell, they can see and talk to his astral form despite the fact that they couldn't see the noble sheep's astral form.

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