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Oni Generals

The Oni are hideous horned demons who, in Japanese fairy tales, are rumored to eat the souls of naughty children. Oni are repelled by onions which cause them temporary blindness and severe eye irritation.


In ancient times, Tarakudo, lord of all Oni and king of the Shadowkhan, along with his nine demon generals, terrorized Japan. Ancient Chi warriors carved masks and, through use of good Chi spell ingredients, trapped the Nine Generals in those masks. One was made for Tarakudo who found the mask and hid it in the Shadow Realm. His whereabouts were unknown afterwards. The masks were then scattered across the Earth. If united the nine Oni generals would be released and summon an army of Shadowkhan to engulf the Earth in eternal darkness which will cause all good magics to erode.

The masks summon Shadowkhan when they are attached to a host (any species of animal). If worn too long the masks will possess the wearer until he/she is consumed by the demon's psyche. Each mask has a different tribe of ShadowKhan and a different removal ingredient.

Each Oni greatly resembles the Shadowkhan he summons. The only exceptions to this rule are the Shadow-Eater Khan and the Mantis Khan.

A favorite Oni Catchphrase is " I shall devour your brains " as seen with Ikazuki and Jade when wearing half of the black mask

Shendu possessed one of the masks which summoned ninja Shadowkhan.

The Oni Masks consists of:

Purple-Red Mask

Mascara Oni 1
  • Worn by: Chow
  • Summons: Ninja ShadowKahn
  • Ingredient: Japanese steel

Purple Mask

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  • Worn by: Ratso
  • Summons: Razor ShadowKahn
  • Ingredient: Japanese silk

Yellow Mask

Mascara Oni 3
  • Worn by: Scruffy
  • Summons: Bat ShadowKahn
  • Ingredient: Japanese rice

Green Mask

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  • Worn by: Captain Black
  • Summons: Sumo ShadowKahn
  • Ingredient: rare Japanese seaweed

Blue Mask

Mascara Oni 5 (Ikazuki)
  • Worn by: Fin's butt
  • Summons: Samurai ShadowKahn
  • Ingredient: Japanese armor

Orange Mask

Mascara Oni 6
  • Worn by: Paco
  • Summons: Squid ShadowKahn
  • Ingredient: tentacle of Japanese octopus

Yellow-Green Mask

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  • Worn by: Hak Foo
  • Summons: Shadow Eater Shadowkahn
  • Ingredient: Japanese fish

Black Mask

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  • Worn by: Jade (Left Half) and Valmont (Right Half)
  • Summons: Crab Shadowkahn
  • Ingredient: tears of Japanese monkey

Red Mask

Mascara Oni 9
  • Worn by: Nobody
  • Summons: Mantis Shadowkahn
  • Ingredient: Unknown

Tarakudo Mask

Mascara Oni 10 (Tarakaudo)
  • Worn by: Tarakudo (as of means of imprisoning him)
  • Summons: Unknown, possibly all of them.
  • Ingredient: hair of a Japanese samurai

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