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Mordecai was a pig owned by Farmer McDonald (When Pigs Fly) who possessed the power of the Pig Talisman when it was destroyed. When Jackie, Jade, Uncle, and Tohru went to Arline, Kansas, they tried to take Mordecai from Farmer McDonald. But he wouldn't let them take his prize-winning pig. So they had to tell McDonald that Mordecai was a magical pig and he let them try to catch him. But, Eggbert, the rooster noble animal was released from his cage and sat on Mordecai's back and used the rooster talisman powers in tandem with Mordecai's pig talisman power (heat beam eyes). Daolon Wong eventually absorbed the powers from both animals. Then in season 4, Mordecai, Eggbert, Super Moose, and Jade all go against Jade's dog Scruffy, possessed by an Oni mask, and help have the mask taken off and releasing Scruffy from it's hold. Eggbert and Mordecai were both being powered by the newly made Rooster and Pig talismans, respectively. Mordecai appears again in the series finale, (The Powers that Be, Part 2), helping the J-Team and the T-Troop, (the name of the team of Super Moose, Eggbert, T-Girl/Jade, and Mordecai), defeat Drago.


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