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Miss Hartman
Señorita Hartman
Personal Info
Race Human
Sky Demon (temporarily)
General Info
Base of Operations Middle School, San Francisco
Occupation Teacher
Affiliation Middle School
Debut Season 1 Episode 5
Closing Season 5 Episode 12
English Jeannie Elias

Miss Hartman is the teacher in Jade and Drew's class in Jade's school. She never believed the outrageous stories Jade told in her classroom about the adventures she would have with her Uncle Jackie. Because of this and Jade's disruptive or rude behavior, Miss Hartman would either send Jade to detention or call Jackie. Despite this, Miss Hartman loves teaching and her class (even Jade). Seen mainly in the first two seasons and the fifth season where she was accidentally changed into a demon by Hsi Wu's chi (which was her most important appearance), Miss. Hartman had few appearances in the third and fourth seasons. After she got the demon Chi, she began to believe Jade's stories a little.

Señorita Hartman con el chi de Hsi Wu

Miss Hartman with Hsi Wu's Chi


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