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Mama Tohru

Mama Tohru

Tohru (son)
English Voice Actors
Amy Hill
Japanese Voice Actors

Stern but well-meaning, Mama Tohru makes frequent appearances in the series.

The first time, she arrives and makes Tohru feel unworthy of her love, and she immediately hits off on the wrong note with Uncle (such as, calling the antique shop a "junk shop" and calling him a "Billy Goat"). She later proves herself a feisty, if short, woman, by taking down a room full of thugs back-to-back with Uncle. Mama later joins the Chans and Tohru on a cruise ship, where her antagonism of Uncle continues, beating him in several games of Majong, Chinese Checkers, and Tic Tac, Toe. However, the two once again work together to stop the forces of darkness, tripping several thieves using shuffleboard pucks.

Mama appears again during the quest for the Snake Talisman power, and inadvertently infuses part of the magic of the egg it is contained in into her tea by dipping in it, turning her invisible. She aids the Chans once again, where Tohru teaches her that he can take care of himself and Uncle reluctantly makes her visible again. Her final appearance was during Christmas when she was flying in by plane and saw Tohru flying in a sleigh as Santa Claus (when Tohru, Jade, and Paco were filling in for Santa to deliver presents) and later acknowledged this when he met her at Uncle's shop. Her mannerisms towards Uncle were referenced in later episodes, such as during Tohru's rift with Uncle in Season 5, and when Tohru is infected by an evil mirror spirit, his worst fears about himself come true and he temporarily turns into a giant version of his mother.


  • Billy goat
  • Junk Monger


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