The Lotus Temple is an ancient Chinese temple that is the location of the Scroll of Hung Chao.

It is located deep within a bamboo forest and can only be accessed during the full moon. Upon daylight, the temple will fade and disappear from the Earth and any inhabitant left inside at the time becomes trapped as the temple's guardian. This transforms them into a ferocious beast whenever an intruder enters (this can be bypassed by having the guardian invite the person in as a guest). The temple guardian is prevented from escaping via an invisible wall at the entrance. The only way they can exit the temple is if they equip the armor found inside the temple.

Xu Lin was the guardian after she entered the temple for shelter and her predecessor found the key to escaping. The Monk then became the guardian after Xu Lin left, but managed to escape eventually. It's unknown if there is a current guardian following the Monk.

The temple's interior contains numerous halls, sliding wall passages, upside down stairways resembling M. C. Escher's Relativity, and a trap door which leads to the library containing a plethora of scrolls (one of them being the Scroll of Hung Chao).

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