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Ice Crew
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The Ice Crew are a group of thieves, and later Drago's henchmen throughout Season 5. The group consists of StrikeMaster Ice, and his friends DJ Fist and MC Cobra.

Strikemaster Ice met his friends when he trained at a monastery in the far east, all three were expelled for bad behavior, and decided to work together. Ice and Cobra (the only ones in the group who talk) have a penchant for street slang, and use it every time they talk.

The Group was first seen in episode 9 of Season 4, when the Enforcers (Finn, Ratso and Chow) decide they want to be 'good' guys (ironically failing though). Jackie mistakes Ice, MC Cobra and Fist as Finn, Ratso and Chow themselves (although the fighting style was stronger than the Enforcers').

Ice wanted a large opal, which could become a powerful weapon when placed on someone's hand. He wished to use it to destroy the monastery as revenge for being kicked out, but was stopped by Jackie.

They later showed up in Season 5, at Drago's henchmen auditions, after he had "fired" the Enforcers. Quickly proving themselves by knocking out all the other applicants, Drago used his powers to transform them into dragon warriors, endowing each with a piece of his fire demon power, Ice received dragon fire breath, MC Cobra gained dragon speed, and DJ Fist received dragon strength.

Later, when Dragon lost his fire demon chi, Ice and his gang decided to overthrow Drago and keep the powers, dividing the demon chi amongst each other. However, when Drago managed to absorb the powers for himself, the trio was quick to retract their betrayal.

Drago still kept Ice and his crew on, and gave them each a bit of extra demon chi, Ice gained the power of Earth, DJ Fist received the power of Thunder, and MC Cobra gained the power of Wind. Drago sent the three to destroy Section 13, and later, he had them combat the J-Team.

When Drago was banished along with Shendu, the demon chi was sucked out of the Ice Gang, restoring them to their human forms. The three then tried to escape, but were cornered by El Toro Fuerte and Paco. It is presumed they were sent to prison.

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