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Horse Talisman
Horse Talisman
General Info
Name Horse Talisman
Type Talisman
Ability Healing and Regeneration
Sign Horse
Noble Animal Royal Medicine
User Tohru
Jackie Chan
Jade Chan
First Apperance Season 1 Episode 9
Last Appearance Season 5 Episode 13

The Horse Talisman is one of the Twelve Talismans of Shendu. After Shendu was defeated and his powers scattered, the Horse Talisman was hidden away.


In the past, this talisman power was owned by a Noble Horse of the Chinese zodiac. At some point, Shendu drained its power into himself. When Lo Pei turned Shendu into a statue, the Noble Horse's power separated from Shendu in the form of the Horse Talisman and was scattered all over the world.

It was discovered in the North Pole.

Powers and Abilities

The user of the Horse Talisman gains the Power of Healing and Regeneration. The Talisman heals every injury or sickness afflicting the user instantaneously, usually by being exposed to the ailment in question. For instance, Jade intentionally sneezed on the Talisman to activate it in order to cure Jackie of the poison affecting him. However, it cannot heal the effects of a chi spell. The Talisman can also repair inanimate objects, such as a broken statue.

If activated the noble horse expels all alien forces within.

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