High Mystic
Personal Info
Full Name High Mystic
Race Human
General Info
Occupation Mystic
Affiliation Ben-Shui Monks
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 32
English George Takei
The High Mystic is the leader of the Ben-Shui Monks, a peaceful group of holy men who are adherents to the legend of the Chosen One.


He officiated at a ceremony in which Tohru, whom they believed to be the Chosen One, would have the memories of the previous Chosen Ones awakened in his mind. However, Tohru proved not to be the Chosen One, and was thus able to join Jackie Chan and his friends in battling Daolon Wong and his Dark Chi Warriors. However, after witnessing Jade Chan's prowess in wielding the walking stick of the previous Chosen One, the High Mystic reasoned that she might in fact have been the looked for Chosen One.

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