Farmer MacDonald
Personal Info
Full Name Farmer MacDonald
Race Human
Nationality American
Family Buford MacDonald (son)
E.B. MacDonald (son)
General Info
Base of Operations Arline, Kansas
Occupation Farmer
Affiliation Mordecai
Debut Season 3 Episode 6
Closing Season 4 Episode 3
English Fred Coffin (debut)
Peter Jason

Farmer MacDonald is an ally of Jackie Chan and his family who appeared in the episodes When Pigs Fly and The Amazing T-Troop. He is the father of Buford and E.B. MacDonald and the owner of Mordecai and subsequently Eggbert.


Season 3

Jackie and Jade Chan attempted to convince Farmer MacDonald to part with Mordecai, but neglected to mention the threat posed by Daolon Wong due to their past history of people not believing in magic. He refused to give them Mordecai, and later had them tied to a scarecrow post by his sons after the pair attempted to steal Mordecai during the night, claiming Eggbert in the process. The pig and the chicken later escaped using their powers, which Jackie and Jade didn't explain to their continued belief that MacDonald wouldn't accept the existence of magic. When Daolon Wong appeared to take their powers, Jackie finally broke down and told MacDonald the truth, and was surprised when MacDonald readily accepted the explanation. He then confronted the dark wizard personally but proved no match for him, but later had Mordecai and Eggbert returned to him after their powers had been drained.

Season 4

MacDonald and his two animals later visited Jackie and Jade in San Francisco, causing considerable havoc in Section 13. When the livestock joined Jade in her T-Troop, MacDonald recruited Captain Black and his agents to search for the animals, who later returned after helping her save Scruffy from the influence of one of the Oni Masks.


Season 3

Season 4


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