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Evil Ruler Drago

Son Demon Sorcerer
Son of Demon Sorcerer of Fire
Shendu (Father)
Bai Tza (Aunt)
Po Kong (Aunt)
Hsi Wu (Uncle)
Tchang Zu (Uncle)
Xiao Fung (Uncle)
Tso Lan (Uncle)
Dai Gui (Uncle)
First appearance
Last appearance
Color and appearance
Green, teenage humanoid mix of a Chinese and European dragon. Though he should be purely Chinese just like his father
Eye color
exact height unknown

Too many parameters

Drago is Shendu's son and the main villain of season 5.


Drago is the second fire demon introduced in the series, though it is speculated amongst fans that he may in fact be half-human due to his appearance (4 fingers and a thumb, like a human, on his hands), and size difference compared to Shendu. However, since his mother is never mentioned in the series, it is unknown if this is true. Drago is a teenage dragon who wanted to turn the Earth inside out.

In the future, when Jade is put in charge of Section 13, Drago was the number one on their most wanted list. When he unleashes an army of dragons to destroy the compound, Jade learns of his plans to resurrect Shendu and goes back into the past to destroy the dragon teeth that end up in Section 13 to revive his father. But Drago had no intention of allowing her to go through with her plan and followed her. But in causality, he was tricked by Jade (both present and future) into destroying the teeth, trapping Shendu in statue mode in the future. He was soon locked in present Section 13 with a clamp over his mouth.

Later, Drago sensed the awakening of the Immortals' symbols that contained a portion of his aunts and uncles' chi. This compelled him to break out of Section 13. He empowered the Dark Hand Enforcers with fire powers and dragon-like appearances. But they soon proved to be incompetent, so he took their chi and began holding henchman auditions (he regretted firing the Enforcers) after failing to get the Water Demon Chi. He settled for Strikemaster Ice, DJ Fist and MC Cobra. During the search for the chi he failed many times thanks to the J-team, and eventually Drago lost his fire powers. When all eight chi were found, Drago kidnapped Jackie Chan, Captain Black and Uncle to ransom for the Chi containment unit. But his henchmen soon turned on him, dropping him into the ocean and wanting to use the chi for themselves. But Drago uses an incantation to absorb all the chi. He punished his henchmen then granted them a portion of Wind, Earth and Thunder chi. They fend off a Section 13 attack and then Drago orders them to destroy Section 13's base.

At a baseball field, Drago began spells to summon lesser demons to Earth. The J-Team arrives to stop him, assisted by Hak Foo and the Enforcers. Then Shendu returns in humanoid form to take his revenge on his son, having been released by Uncle. But the chi-powered Drago was more than a match for his father, so Jade had all the Talismans given to Shendu. Tohru and Uncle soon used a Reversal spell to remove Drago from the Earth. Caught on the edge of the hole to oblivion, Drago pleads to his father for help, saying he was sorry. Shendu told him he must know his place and reaches for him only for Drago to throw him over. But Shendu grabs his tail, pulling them into the Demon Netherworld. They are last seen arguing and fighting.

Powers & Abilities

As a demon dragon, Drago is capable of breathing fire, destroying a Talisman or even dragon teeth. Although no martial artist, he possesses strength, agility and speed on near superhuman levels, easily able to shatter concrete with his bare claws and leaping imposing distances.

Drago is capable of absorbing demon chi, enabling him to command a certain element. When he uses them all together, he is nigh all-powerful and the chi cannot be removed. He can give a smaller portion of chi to any of his underlings. He is also shown to have enough power to rival Shendu once all demon chi have been absorbed even though his father was at full power.

While not a power, Drago's roar, like his father's, is terrifying and adds a bit of menace.


Drago is more hotheaded and deceitful than Shendu, being easily mad especially when losing the demon chi. He's very confident though and dedicated to fulfilling his quest. All in all however he is only a rookie in evil and is still learning and is using what he learned from his father to use to his advantage. However he tends to learn from his mistakes and admits when things don't go his way and quickly turn to undo or fix his mistakes. When almost all of the Chi was taken out of his grasp Drago decided to relocate and upgrade their equipment to better prepare themselves and then stage an attack on the Chans, someone that no villain has dared to do unless they ran into them personally aside from Shendu.

He makes puns like the other characters in the series aside from his father, but far less frequently during his season 5 appearances. Also, while Shendu's hatred is solely fixed to Jackie Chan and to a lesser extent his uncle, Drago shows no such bias and treats all of the Chan Clan with an equal amount of animosity. He and his father appear to have a very bad relationship, Drago hates him but has a degree of loyalty to his plans and wants to create a demon world out of the mortal one like his father, aunts and uncles. Drago hates water because he can't use his fire attacks underwater.

Hanging out with Strikemaster Ice and his gang he does sometimes talk street like them. He also appears to hold the trio in high regard and after they betrayed him and came crawling back he gave them one more chance at ruling by his side. He is also a lot more into commando-esque style operations and missions than his villain predecessors, once even trying to lead such a mission, much to Strikemaster Ice's and co.'s confusion.


  • Curiously, Drago never tried to find any fire demon chi from when his father was banished the first time, though this may be because he was already born with fire demon powers and had no reason to find Shendu's. This mystery-along with how Shendu escaped the Netherworld in the first place-was never addressed.
  • Since this Drago came from the future, there is most likely another Drago who exists in the present timeline but his whereabouts are unknown.
  • Drago apparently has a fear of water, even though he says that he doesn't like water is because he has fire demon chi and water can extinguish it. But when he absorbed the Water demon chi from the gourd that fear seemed to have disappeared when he became one with the water and tried to cause a tidal wave to destroy the island the Chans were on, until Uncle was able to contain the power.
  • In The Powers That Be (Part 2), Drago stated that Shendu was "always too busy fighting wizards" referring to the number of wizards he has fought including: Immortal Lu Dongbin, Lo Pei and Uncle Chan.
  • It seems that Drago also has a deep personal relationship with his father Shendu, a respect/hatred relationship, this being as Shendu states that even though his son betrayed him, he will watch proudly as Drago destroys the Earth. Also, when Drago is explaining his plan to Jackie, Uncle, and Captain Black, he states "Daddy would be so proud."
  • Is unclear who was Drago's mother is. But due to his human-like appearance, his mother might be human.


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