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DJ Fist.

DJ Fist con el chi de Drago

DJ Fist with Drago's Chi

DJ Fist con el chi de Tchang Zu

DJ Fist with Tchang Zu's Chi

A member of Strikemaster Ice's crew and was later one of Drago's henchmen for the hunt of the Demon Chi. Throughout all the episodes that DJ appears in, he never talks, which might be due to something that has happened in his past, or he simply chooses to be silent to avoid social problems.

He is shown, along with Cobra, to have advanced knowledge in machinery as they are able to build a submarine out of the old car parts in the junkyard, in which Drago and the Ice Posse make their hide out.

Of the three in the group, it is noted that he pays the most attention to Drago's plans and does not provoke Drago's temper, as the others do. He and Cobra are often seen together, while fighting or on missions with Drago. He seems to have a fondness for water skiing. He might be a bit gullible, seeing as when Strikemaster Ice was dividing up the demon Chi among himself and his friends when they temporarily overthrew Drago, he was going to be given only the Earth and Moon powers, believing Ice when he stated that it was because they were "the best".

In the last episode in season 5, he is given a portion of Thunder Demon chi from Drago (after he punishes them for betraying them) and follows Ice and Cobra to destroy Section 13. Also in the last fight scene, Viper stepped on Drago's tail. He make a yell, making this the first time anything was said from him.


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