The Chi Arcanum is an ancient magical artifact in the form of a blue ball that splits into two halves.


At some point following its creation, the Chi Arcanum was split into its two halves and hidden away, with one being hidden away on an island protected by a Dragon. It was eventually discovered by Jackie, Jade, and Uncle Chan, who brought it back to Uncle's Rare Finds. It was later stolen by the time-traveling Dark Wizard Iso, who was pursued by Jade into the future where she encountered her future self. The two Jades soon succeeded in locating the other half, only for Iso to claim both and use them to create monsters to serve as his minions. Fortunately, they were able to reclaim the Arcanum and convince Iso's past self not to take the path of evil, after which they hid the Arcanum again to insure that it would not be used for evil.

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