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Captain Augustus Black

Captain Augustus Black

October 27th, 1959
Spy, Head of Section 13
Section 13, J-team
Voice Actors
Clancy Brown


Captain Augustus Black is an old friend of Jackie Chan and the leader of the government organization known as Section 13. When the Dark Hand displayed an interest in ancient artifacts (actually Shendu's talisman), Black recruited his old friend Jackie as a consultant, but soon Jackie, his niece Jade and his Uncle all became personally embroiled in combat against Shendu and other magic-wielding forces. Black assists the characters of the show many times throughout the series, especially against each season's main threat.

Originally a non-believer of magic, Captain Black was instantly converted when he saw Shendu in person (which does create some problems when he attempts to gain special permission for missions and equipment from his superiors against supernatural threats). Black is also a fan of James Bond and Elvis Presley (he's used James Bond's codename, 007, when using a code for his locked doors, and once stated that the only king he bows to wears Blue Suede Shoes, a reference to the Elvis song of the same name). Captain Black was born on October 27th, 1959, making him age 41 in the beginning of the show.

Future Capt. Black

When Jade's future self revisited the past, she revealed some information on Capt. Black in the future. In the future, Capt. Black gets relocated to the east coast to head the newly created, Section 14, passing on the mantle of Section 13 leader to Jade. Later on, Captain Black returns to Section 13, and Jade is reassigned to desk duty.


  • Captain Black looks similar to Dr. Paradigm from Street Sharks, except Captain Black does not have an eyepatch.
    • He also resembles the current Marvel cinematic universe's interpretation of Nick Fury, with the exceptions that Black is Caucasian and does not have an eyepatch.
  • It is likely that Captain Black's favorite Talisman is the Snake like Viper because in T-Girl when he tries to convince the two agents to keep the Talismans the first one he picks is the Snake. Either that is his favorite or he picked the one he thought would amaze them. If it is his favorite that might mean his second favorite is the Rooster Talisman because its the second one he picks.
  • Captain Black looks a lot like Lex Luthor, another character voiced by Clancy Brown.

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