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Episode Summary

Season One Episode Seven: Jade is getting bullied in school and after The Dark Hand are able to steal the Dragon Talisman from Jackie, Valmont uses it to steal money from the United States Mint against Shendu's wishes. Things get worse when Captain Black is hospitalized during Valmont's robbery which causes Jackie to develop a personal grudge in taking Valmont down, but he must put his anger aside and use his head if he is to stop Valmont from robbing Fort Knox.


  • Valmont goes against Shendu and decides to use the Dragon Talisman to steal money and gold.
  • The Dark Hand acquires the Dragon Talisman.
  • Shendu sends Valmont to the North Pole to get a talisman, in order to redeem himself.
Jackie Chan Issue 7
A comic book version of this episode appeared in Jackie Chan Adventures (comic) issue 7.
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