Bob (2)
General Info
Name Bob
Alias Sheep Talisman
Type Noble Animals
Ability Astral Projection
Dream Possession
Sign Sheep
First Apperance Season 3, episode 1
Last Appearance Season 3, episode 15

Bob (or Baab) is a noble sheep with the power of astral projection and was located in the Scottish highlands, near Loch Ness.


Daolon Wong managed to absorb the power and used it to release Jade and Jackie's souls from their bodies. He then put a spell on their bodies so that their astral forms could not return. Uncle managed to perform a spell to return Jade and Jackie, but the spell went wrong and Jade ended up in Jackie's body and vice versa. They later located Daolon Wong's physical form (as his astral self was elsewhere) and released the Sheep magic from him, restoring Jade and Jackie and sealing Wong's body for good measure.


Season 3


  • Bob appears in The Powers Unleashed when he receives his power, albeit with a totally different appearance.

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