And He Does His Own Stunts
Season 2 Episode 11
Episode 24
General Information
Setting San Francisco, USA
Hollywood, California, USA
Aired on October 27, 2001
Production Number 24
Written by Andrew Robinson
Directed by Gary Hartle
Produced by Michael Goguen
Episode Guide
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Lost City of the Muntabs
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Showdown in the Old West
And He Does His Own Stunts is the twenty-fourth episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


Shendu goes to Hollywood to free his brother the Thunder Demon. Jade tries to make Jackie the next big action superstar in Hollywood as Jackie tries to prevent the demon from returning.


Jackie has been hired by Captain Black to work as a trainer for his agents, since they are out of the Dark Hand business they need justification for Jackie to keep working there.

At the Dark Hand's hideout Ratso has successfully uncovered the location of Tchang Zu the Thunder demon, Chow makes a recording of the map and using it they trace the portal to Hollywood, California.

Jade manages to convince Jackie to let her tag along to allow her and Tohru to sight see. Jade spots Ratso, Finn, and Chow with the map and swipes it from them, Jade uses a photo-booth to take a photo of the map.

After Jackie and Tohru defeat the three Jackie uses both the ancient and modern maps of Hollywood to trace the demon portal to Mega-galactic Studios. The Dark Hand manages to get in by convincing a security guard that Valmont is the star of a TV show produced there, Jackie manages to get in by getting Jade to set up a appointment between Jackie and a producer in the studio.

Eventually the Dark Hand releases Tchang Zu and Jackie saved from his thunder blasts only by a rubber costume. Tchang Zu quickly discovers that his palace has been paved over for a parking lot, with that he decides to transform the Dragon theater into a new palace. Jade already there to watch a footprint ceremony convinces the security force to keep the crowd away from Tchang Zu telling them he is a special effect.

Uncle informs Jackie that he didn't assemble the chi potion because he didn't have Tohru. Jackie sends them off in a Taxi to collect the ingredients while he tries to keep Tchang Zu occupied. Despite the Dark hands efforts to stop Jackie and Uncle, Uncle manages to complete the Chi Spell using a pair of Castanets, unfortunately Shendu cast a spell of his own allowing the Dark Hand to escape with the Pan'ku Box.




Voice Talent


  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday, October 27, 2001
  • UK: BBC One (CBBC) - Saturday February 16, 2002

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