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What if Jackie Chan Adventures was revived?

Discuss how you'd like to see this show return. Or if you're cynical, explain why it shouldn't be.

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Yeah I remember that show.

If you weren't already aware of this, Xiaolin Showdown recently got a sequel series called Xiaolin Chronicles. However, there has been very heavy fan backlash against the new show. This is the kind of thing I warned about in this earlier post:

I guess it would be cool to revive the show, although there are many ways it could go wrong.


I watched Xiaolin Chronicles, and I have to say that it was for the most part disappointing. Not only did they change certain events in the story, it did not do much respect for the characters, especially the villains. However, the creators of the show had their reasons and their share of difficulties with production (there is an article somewhere detailing these), so I can't get too upset at them about it.


I tried watching a few episodes, but well I couldn't go any further, needless to say.


Olmo, have you seen either Xiaolin show before?


Sorry for the delay, been busy. No, I haven't seen Xiaolin, so there's no point to talk to me about it.


Oh, okay then.


Earlier, we were discussing plots involving alternate timelines or universes. This idea just popped into my head...

Jackie Chan and his friends have to travel across the multiverse for some reason, eventually stumbling upon one reality where Jackie is not an adventurer fighting the forces of evil, but rather a notorious movie star of Hong Kong and Hollywood!

In other terms, this would mean breaking the fourth wall, and shattering it hard. Maybe the "real" Jackie Chan would voice himself?

Does anyone offer anymore wishful thinking for this late cartoon?
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